Support to parents of children with Down syndrome

Posted on Apr 26, 2017


Down syndrome still falls under the category of “mental retardation”. This means a serious restriction of access to education and the world of work. Practically there are no centers and individual specialists, able to adequately preparing children with Down syndrome for school, including them in the structure of inclusive educational program, which is theoretically already stipulated by law.

For this reason, in August 2016, a project was born in Caritas Almaty whose goal is to provide parents (namely, they are the first and most qualified therapists for their own children) tools for work from the very first days of the child’s life.

With the support of Italian specialists, in different cities of Kazakhstan, seminars, lessons and children’s evaluation are periodically conducted in order to provide basic knowledge to parents. In addition, each child is also given a personal work program, which is periodically updated. The update is carried out through continuous online collaboration, through which parents (with the intermediation of Caritas) maintain contact with the specialists.

At the same time, work is developing in various forms to raise public awareness on issues related to Down syndrome, and at the same time sharing responsibility on what can be done, so that everyone could get the right to access to education and work.

Finally, the social center “Caritas Almaty” opened a project for rehabilitation work with small kids, and for educational and professional development for older children.

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