Visit to Taraz

Posted on May 28, 2018

The visit to the western region of our diocese was completed with our trip to Taraz. During the meeting with the local community, we found an opportunity to reflect again on the essential points that inspire and guide charity and social work of a group that identifies itself as part of Caritas. As it often happens, we do not take for granted the ability to think about charity besides all the stereotypes that we limit ourselves to. What is more, there is not always a clear and detailed understanding of the needs that people around us have. So, our meeting revolved around these matters, when we tried to think about how to build the work, trying to fill the need of people who we meet every day inside of the parish. Another reason for the visit was the reconstruction works of the first floor of the parish that are coming to an end thanks to the help of the organization “Renovabis” that will create an opportunity to start working on several projects, partially regarding Caritas. During our trip it was also possible to stay for several hours at the Shymkent community, to continue the discussion that had already been started on several projects that might be carried out shortly.

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