The project with children with Down syndrome started

Posted on Jun 26, 2017

Caritas Almaty headquarter has officially acquired the property of the house where we work. Now we can say that we are in our own house. We thank the German organization “Renovabis”, which donated the initial amount needed to purchase the house, and in advance we thank those who will help collect the amount needed to cover the remaining full cost.

At the same time step by step our center comes to life. Under the strict guidance of Italian specialists, rooms were prepared for the rehabilitation and preschool activities for children with Down syndrome. After careful preparation, carried out in close cooperation with Italy also regarding training programs, we began to accept the first children. Obviously, there is still much to do and many things need to be learned, but there is already the first satisfaction, the first small successes. Immediately after the first classes, the children made it clear that they wanted to stay and continue their work with us.

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