Once upon a time…

Posted on Jan 25, 2019

Recently a very meaningful situation occurred to our organisation. One clothing store presented us with winter clothes. They were new, but the shop couldn’t sell them anymore. This unexpected gift arrived when we met one mother with three children. Her husband left her, and she remained without a job and means of survival. She came to us without requests; she asked us only the bare essentials to sustain her family until she finds a job. When we gave her a part of those winter clothes along with groceries provided by our solidarity fund, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Later E. told us that she didn’t remember when was the last time when her children put on clothes with a label on them. We remembered how our grandparents told us stories about times when the clothes were passed down from older to younger children, and children went to school in turns because there weren’t enough shoes for everybody. There are people who now live like this and a lot of people who live in our country have no idea.