News from our diocese – Taraz

Posted on Mar 30, 2019

The long term dream of the community in Taraz is about to come true. After receiving a permit from the local government, the works on the soup kitchen were finalized and the community is planning to open it in May. This will be the first operational project for Caritas Taraz. It will involve one person working as a cook and a nun, and the congregation will serve as volunteers whenever possible. The Taraz community has decided to start with this project, since they noted that in their town there are many elderly people on retirement who cannot afford to eat well, and don’t experience enough human care and communication. Mother Teresa said: “The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved”. With these words in mind the Taraz community decided to provide people with food and human warmth. The soup kitchen in the beginning will work 3 times a week, serving 20-25 people. They will also organize trips (initially once a week) to feed the homeless.

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