To the edge… of the Kazakh land

Posted on Dec 27, 2018

The long journey of our project to support the parents of children with Down’s syndrome continues. This time were the friends of the Caritas of Atyrau to invite us on first acquaintance and to lay the foundations for a permanent activity in those regions. The first meeting was with the director of the disabled Aktau association, with whom it was very interesting to perceive a meeting of minds about opinions and expectations for the work that falls to us. There were therefore no obstacles to postulate a work plan and primary objectives for the coming months. The second appointment was the meeting with a group of parents of Atyrau, with the dual purpose of explaining to them the fundamental elements of the project, emphasizing as always that parents play a great role, both as educational work and development of the child, as well as promotion within the social structure of the region. As already happened in other situations, a limited number of parents responded to the invitation, about 25. This because, sometimes there is still difficulty in getting out of the restricted family environment, or after years of failed attempts, some of them have lost the hope to get any result. Thing is, that a few days after the meeting, what the parents who had attended the meeting shared within their chat, raised the group to over 60 children. They will be the objective of the next trip of our team, managed by prof. Sangalli who for the first time will also visit the western side of the country. There are very encouraging prospects to develop activities in those regions.

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