Center for Elderly People

Posted on Jun 24, 2017

It is well known that the Nations’ social health is judged by the ability to take care of children and elderly. If social projects that are aimed at helping children can quite easily find economic support or human resources, helping older people is not always so “popular”. People who believe that it is not worth investing in projects concerning people who are at the end of their life path, unfortunately are not rare. For Caritas, age is not a determining factor in deciding whether to care for someone or not. In the center there is always the person, from the moment of his conception to his last breath.

This is the basic idea of our project for a center for elderly people, where we not only want to answer to basic needs, such as food or health care, especially in case of elderly people who live alone, but also through various forms to regain their dignity of life. And we decided to start with a proposal to regularly attend cultural events for a small group of people. Thanks to cooperation with the State Academic Russian Theater «Lermontov», to whom we express our gratitude, our elderly people were already able to see several spectacles that were highly appreciated. And, of course, that is not secondary, it is an opportunity to build new relationships and find friends. We want to continue working in this direction, expanding the number of beneficiaries of the project, and also improving the quality of what we want to offer them.

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