At the Very Edge

Posted on Jun 28, 2018

Kyzylorda is currently the farthest point from the centre of our diocese and Caritas’ headquarters. More than 1,100 km separate Kyzylorda from Almaty. Hence, the new chapter in the history of the project supporting families of Down’s syndrome children has a special meaning. The invitation by the local Foundation was the consequence of the earlier trip to Taraz, when one of the Kyzylorda’s mothers had attended our meetings and brought her daughter for assessment. However, there is another reason why this journey had a special meaning. It was the first time that such an activity in a new city was organised without the presence and direct support of Professor Sangalli, the project supervisor from Italy. This was because Professor Sangalli acknowledged that our Almaty team – Zhanna and Nastja – were now ready to work independently.

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These were very busy days. Immediately after the arrival of our flight from Almaty, we started the meeting with the parents, in the house that they themselves had made available to us. Then the children were examined and finally we met with the city authorities, with representatives of the Departments of Health and Education, and with a group of specialists. The meeting was followed by videoconference also by other officials and specialists from other cities in the region. In general, we were deeply satisfied by the way we were welcomed, the attention to our presentation of the project and its underlying purpose and the round table on the topic of inclusion, seeing that we were asked to take part in the training of specialists and the implementation of the project in the life of the city.