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Posted on Jan 23, 2019

We would like to introduce a new section. Every month we will tell you a story about the work of one of the Caritas organizations, with whom we maintain friendly relations. For us it’s important to see things from a universal perspective and to learn from people who live according to our ideals in different conditions, some of which are very difficult. This time it’s the turn of Caritas Syria.

“I opened my eyes after two weeks, they told me your wife and your five children were killed by the shell”
That what Mr. Hamadeh, a man in his forties from Aleppo, told us about the tragedy that has changed his life forever.
“I was at home with my wife and my seven children, I was taking a nap and all of a sudden an explosion threw me away”
Mr. Hamadeh’s house was hit by a heavy-caliber missile. The location of the explosion was later known as “Scud Square”
Mr. Hamadeh was unconscious and his leg was crushed by the fall of the roof. Two weeks later he woke up and he was informed of the death of his wife and five children.
“I couldn’t believe it. I became crazy at that moment, I tried to stand despite the presence of steel plates in my legs, I injured myself trying to walk and broke my leg again”
The bodies of Mr. Hamadeh’s children remained under the rubble until he left the hospital and their bodies were recovered and buried after weeks of their death.
“Why I’m not crying? Because I shed a lot of tears and my eyes are dried now”
After the tragedy that Mr. Hamadeh experienced, new suffering began with his two children who survived the incident. They slept on the wreckage of their house in summer and winter and struggled to provide their daily food after Mr. Hamadeh was forced to leave his job because of his injury.
“I bought chicken and many pigeons, if the chicken laid eggs we eat, if not, we simply don’t eat. I was forced once to eat the chicken that was our source of food for many months because of hunger”
Mr. Hamadeh heard that Caritas was helping in the region.
“Caritas organization is remarkable, it provided us with food, bread, detergents and everything we need, if not God and Caritas were beside us our situation would be catastrophic”
Mr. Hamadeh was able to collect some tools from good people and he taught his children how to repair bicycles and motorbikes.
“One day we work, 10 days we sit without anything to do, but Caritas organization lifted a heavy weight from my shoulders and provided us with our daily food”
Mr. Hamadeh is still living in the tools room with his two children in the rubble of what was once their home. He does not know where the future will take him, hoping his wife and five children are in a better place.

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