A new adventure begins

Posted on Dec 25, 2018

As you may recall from the last issue of the bulletin, during the meeting in Uralsk with all the representatives of the Apostolic Administration of Atyrau, among the many questions raised there was also the request to consider the possibility of creating a reception center and rehabilitation for addictions (primarily drugs and alcohol). In addition to the objective problem of the person involved, addiction generates a “domino effect” of problems affecting the family and the surrounding environment. Often, however, the single person – whoever he is, the addicted person who wants to get out of this spiral of death, his family or even a social worker to whom the person goes to – are unable to find a solution with only their own strength, and at the same time do not know whom to turn to for help or advice. It was therefore an unexpected gift, just a few days after the request of friends at Uralsk, to receive an invitation letter from the Vatican Department for promoting integral human development, to take part in an international conference on “Drugs and addictions”.

event-2018-12-addictions-1   event-2018-12-addictions-2


The conference gathered in Rome specialists from all sectors in which addiction takes several forms: drugs, pornography, gambling, sex, internet. And the most shocking aspect was the numbers reported by the speakers about the phenomenon, and the age range of the people involved. It’s worldwide data according to which some countries are more affected than others by these scourges. However, we all know that globalization is a peculiar aspect of our society, and that phenomena occurred at the opposite edge of the planet, cannot leave us quiet, as if this does not concern us because we live thousands kilometres away. In addition to the information aspect – with their speeches some speakers opened a window to unknown worlds – it was an opportunity to meet people with great experience and to establish relationships that can be useful for us towards the possible realization of this new project. After addressing all the participants Pope Francis greeted each of us individually.