Family party

Posted on Dec 26, 2018

The group attending the Caritas center in Almaty decided to end the year with a moment of celebration. Nothing extraordinary, but that moment has left us all with a very nice feeling of familiarity. After the lunch Italian style, there was room for some songs with the children, and to discuss with the mothers about the prospects of work for the next year, as well as own dreams. As we already knew, the request that everyone agreed was the opening of a school program within our center. And  because we are used to dream big, we accepted the challenge. The new year will prove whether or not the dream is realizable.

event-2018-12-caritas-almaty-party-1   event-2018-12-caritas-almaty-party-2


event-2018-12-caritas-almaty-party-4   event-2018-12-caritas-almaty-party-5