Come and see!

Posted on Dec 28, 2018


Like every year, December means for us the annual Assembly. If on the one hand it is a traditional appointment logged almost automatically on our calendar of annual commitments, on the other it is a meeting that forces everyone to look with less superficiality to the time spent, activities carried out, people met, objectives achieved and to the failures we wish we could take back.

event-2018-diocesan-assembly-a   event-2018-diocesan-assembly-bevent-2018-diocesan-assembly-group-2

This year’s subject was “Come and see!” At the heart of the Caritas experience, as well as at the heart of the Christian experience, there are no social theories, strategies, ideas. There is a human attraction, a charm even only sensed by encountering a reality different from the one known up to that moment. In some ways this was the main thrust that went through the various steps of the assembly. From the reports of the various communities, to group work, to presentations of current and future projects. Desire is precisely that what we do can become a place, where to address the persons we meet and who are looking for something more for their lives. We left after the work of the assembly with the desire and commitment to face the new year focusing on the priority that each community has chosen to concentrate human and material resources on that one goal, without losing sight of what life will propose us unexpectedly along the way.

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In preparation for the assembly and the various Christmas markets, our team, with the support of volunteers, prepared gadgets made them available for sale to all interested people not only as simple and beautiful handicraft products, but also to support our projects with such gesture.

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Grateful for all that we together were able to achieve, and for the increasing enthusiasm and sense of privilege to be called to serve the poorest, those who society often forgets. We hope to meet you all in the new year to write together another page of our history.

Best wishes to all of you,
Caritas Almaty team