Agriculture between Indonesia and Kazakhstan

Posted on Jun 28, 2018


Caritas Asia gave us the opportunity to attend a workshop in Indonesia on agricultural projects, and to visit the village farm co-operatives that have developed in recent years. It was a very significant experience despite its simplicity. Although the economic and social conditions of our respective countries are noticeably different, nevertheless many features of these projects are applicable in many of our rural sites. In Indonesia, for example, setting up these small agricultural co-operatives, essentially made up of women, was a valid solution to the subsistence problem of families abandoned by their men, who leave their villages in search of work. For us, this would mean on the one hand creating jobs and livelihoods for people and small communities who live in similar situations of economic crisis, by providing them with knowledge and technologies that can be part of the changes taking place in our country, such as the discovery of organic agriculture. For this reason we immediately started to lay the foundations of some pilot projects in our territory, which could later signpost the path to new achievements.

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