Sustainable agriculture in Kazakhstan

Posted on Mar 28, 2019

The construction of the two greenhouses in Almaty and Talgar is finished, which means that we are launching the operational phase of the project. The first aspect is the organization of work with a view to sell the agricultural product. One part of the produce will be used to support the beneficiaries of Caritas, while the proceeds from the sales of the remaining part will be used to sustain our projects. This includes finding employees for packaging and distribution of products. Another aspect involves our plan to use the greenhouses as a site for training courses for different categories of people who remain in contact with Caritas. In this sense the agreement reached between Caritas Kazakhstan and Caritas India to collaborate on the exchange of knowledge and skills in the field of agriculture is of great importance. This means that the two greenhouses could become a field of experimentation for the future projects both for the region of Almaty and for other regions in Kazakhstan that will be interested to work in this area.

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