Social aid

Posted on Apr 22, 2019

The Parable of the Good Samaritan that Jesus taught us reminds us that when we see another person in trouble action is the only thing that really matters. Caritas represents the Christian love in action. Nowadays the most vulnerable groups are the elderly, disabled people, families with many children and single-parent families. Our project “The Good Samaritan” aims to fulfill the needs and take care of people living in difficult circumstances. Therefore we’re thrilled that more and more people show compassion for these people and feel the urge to help those who need it the most. We take care of several families. Some have severely ill, others – lonely elderly members, or single mothers, trying to bring up two or three children etc. It means a world to them that in this difficult time they were not left alone. People of goodwill buy them much-needed medicines three or four times a year. We have recently received small donations from common people that made it possible for us to buy “tasty treats” for our beneficiaries, arrange a little celebration for them. We were able to add chicken, vegetables, fruit and sweets to our usual food basket.


We have also started to collect and submit more waste for recycling purposes. Several organizations have become more active; they are joined by our friends, neighbors and other people who find out about the project. This serves the ecological part of the project, but also the financial part: this way we earn more money to support our projects, including the support of people in need. Another source of support for our projects is provided by holiday fairs. With the help of volunteers and employees of Caritas Almaty a large number of souvenirs were made and sold.