Seminar in Almaty

Posted on Sep 18, 2016

It was really amazing. All was born a few months ago during a meeting with some of the mothers of children with Down syndrome, who recently set up a fund for mutual support in this call – to accompany their children on the path of growth, in a reality, where the educational work with children with Down syndrome is still considered “a waste of time”. Thus arose the idea of inviting Prof. Sangalli, from the University of Verona (Italy) to hold a seminar for a group of parents. The seminar consisted of three days of lessons and three days of consultations, where each parent could get the evaluation of the level of the child, and get a work program for the coming months. In a very short time we scored more then 40 subscribers, and had to close the list to ensure a proper assessment of each child. Thanks to social networks after the end of the first day, we received many messages from Astana, with the request to invite Prof. Sangalli there too, to hold such a seminar. The result – an unexpected success. But the most important thing was to see the joy in many parents, because of the new hope for the opportunity to offer a future to their children. Among the many topics that were discussed during the working days, it has been the themes of education, inclusive programs and vocational training for older children. We promised to find adequate answers to all the topics, with the support of Prof. Sangalli and his colleagues in Italy. Very soon we will start Skype video conferencing that will allow parents to ask questions that have arisen in the first weeks of work with the children. And we already started to discuss the next step of the project, which should be implemented in November.

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