News from the project of sustain to parents with children with Down syndrome

Posted on Aug 28, 2019

We are happy to continue informing you about events that we organise for the project:
– International Children’s day
During the event that we organised in order to celebrate the International Children’s day, parents and children witnessed a colourful show that entertainers from the company called StarFest prepared for us. We would like to thank StarFest for volunteering for this occasion.
After the show each family went down the runway for a fashion show of whimsical hats that parents and children prepared at home. The theme of the show was “The greeting of summer”. Every child received many positive emotions and enjoyed the event very much.

DSC03483111  DSC03521
– A trip to the lake Kapchagay
Summers in Almaty are usually hot, that’s why the employees of the center of support to parents with children with Down syndrome decided to make a trip with children and their parents to the lake Kapchagay. Children swam in the lake, got tanned, ate some delicious treats and overall had a great time.
The main purpose of such events is the socialization for children with Down syndrome. Children learn to spend time in a group with their peers and learn something new. It influences their development in a good way.

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– The opening of a daycare center and an Instagram account for the project
We are happy to share a wonderful piece of news: we recently opened a daycare center for children with Down syndrome in the Caritas Almaty center. Five children are currently attending the program. The concept and the schedule were developed with the help of Fabio Tognon, an Italian professor who supervises our project. Children study from 9:00 till 13:00. This project concentrates on various aspects. Our main goal is to prepare children for school. Practical skills are also important: at the moment we are working in the garden, growing plants and flowers. Our wish is to teach children how to plant and water plants; at the same time we want them to feel the responsibility for something that they made and see the result of their own work.

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Due to the rapid development of the project we decided to create an Instagram account, where we share the most recent news on the project, our aims, information about the participants of the project, our supervisors from Italy and so on.
We invite you to subscribe to the account:

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