Greetings from the new director of Caritas Almaty

Posted on Aug 29, 2019

Hello to everyone,

My name is Eduardo Calvo Sedano. I am a priest. I was born in Palencia (Spain). I am thirty-four years old. I arrived in Almaty in July and I am still getting used to the language and customs of the country.

Bishop Jose Luis has appointed me the Director of our Diocesan Caritas, in order to continue promoting the amendments of the Gospel, with words and facts. Faith cannot be reduced to a summary of convictions and dogmas sleeping in our hearts. Faith is also a divine gift, a special transforming strength that moves us and help us to see a real brother in our neighbour. Faith brings a new way of living and thinking, always accompanied by Hope and Love.

I have always felt a very strong desire to help others, following the invitation of Jesus, regardless their lifestyle or social background. Human dignity, given by God from the moment our conception, for me is unquestionable, everlasting, and definitely unconditional.

In Caritas we strive to defend such dignity, developing initiatives that let us improve the conditions in which people live, especially the poorest people and those who are most in need. We are supported by the certainty that changes and conversions are possible and there are many signs that help to have faith in the victory of Love over selfishness, injustice and enmity.

Every kind of help is always welcome and necessary. We work in communion with other diocesan Caritas spread throughout the world and other organizations and people who share our values and principles.

I would like to finish this introduction by remembering some words from the first letter of Saint John in the Bible, with which I really identify myself: “We have known and have trusted the love that God has for us”. The encounter with such a big Love has transformed my life and made me a believer, a friend of God and a friend of the humankind.

Thanks to all our volunteers and benefactors.
Father Eduardo