XXVII World Day of the Sick

Posted on Mar 30, 2019


For us it was a great honor to represent Kazakhstan at the XXVII World Day of the Sick which was held this year in Kolkata, the city known all around the world for the testimony of life and charity of mother Teresa. Mother Teresa’s life was the central topic of this World Day of the Sick. Not only was it emotional to be near her tomb, but it was also moving to feel and see her presence through the service of sisters whose service is the living proof that her mission continues. It was impossible for us to remain indifferent while witnessing the drama of more than two hundred residents – people who the sisters gather mostly from the area of the train station, sometimes in conditions that are hard to imagine, and then take them to their center to take care of them and make them feel loved. It was equally important and useful to listen to the testimonies of numerous organizations that serve sick people, the heart of the human experience, who sometimes live in truly difficult conditions.

events-2019-02-calcutta-mother   events-2019-02-calcutta-2


It’s inevitable that experiences like these make us ask ourselves: “What about me? What about us?” Obviously there is no need to go to Kolkata to find someone who needs care, attention, and love, to answer with your service to the needs of people.

With this in mind we started to communicate our plans to associations and private professionals both at regional and national levels, to organize courses of domestic care training for the elderly and the sick. This would provide skills necessary for such work, both for healthcare professionals in our local organization and for volunteers who could become an important asset especially for small centers and villages where there is a lack of healthcare services.