Children with Down syndrome: spring events

Posted on Apr 21, 2019

Various events where we gather children with Down syndrome and their parents have become an important part of the project. During these events parents share the experience of upbringing their children, talk about their accomplishments or problems that they face. This is a great source of inspiration. It also helps parents to understand that other people encounter the same situations in their everyday life. An important aspect of such “meetings” is the socialization of children. They learn to socialize, which is very important for children with Down syndrome. A lot of them don’t always have the opportunity to communicate with their peers.

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Maslenitsa is a Slavic holiday. It is celebrated in the last weeks of winter and represents the beginning of spring. The traditional dish associated with this holiday is pancakes, or “blini”. As you probably know, Kazakhstan was one of the republics of the USSR. So it is strongly linked to Slavic traditions. This year, on the 10th of March, we celebrated Maslenitsa in one of the parks of our city with the children with Down syndrome and their parents. We’re happy to say that everybody had a lot of fun. Our group was celebrating the arrival of spring by taking part in various activities like tug-of-war, thread the needle etc. Everybody participated, everyone was included. At the end everybody got a chance to taste several delicious pancakes!

-Parent-teacher meeting
Another event that took place in March was the parent-teacher meeting. Teachers prepared a PowerPoint presentation with the description of achievements of each child: we remembered the skills that they had when they started to attend our classes, how we worked together on their progress and what they achieved. We also projected plans for their development. When they listen to stories about the progress of other children in a friendly atmosphere, parents are motivated to continue studying with their children. At the end every child received a star with his or her photo and parents continued talking and at the same time enjoying a cup of tea with cake.

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