The meeting of our sub region and the Regional Assembly

Posted on Apr 24, 2019


Two important events took place in Bangkok in March – the meeting of Caritas organizations of our sub region (Caritas of Central Asia and Mongolia) and the Regional Assembly of Caritas Asia. The meeting of organizations our sub region gives every national Caritas organization an opportunity to analyze their work and share it with other members of the sub region. We share our accomplishments as well as various problems that occur, and our aims for the short and long-term future. We’d like to note a very significant participation of Aloysius John – who was recently elected the General Secretary of Caritas Internationalis and Benedict D’Rozario, who was elected as the new President of Caritas Asia during the Regional Assembly. Their presence allowed them to capture all the essential elements to accompany the work of Caritas in our sub region in the future. The Regional Assembly was important as from the institutional point of view (the new regional management was elected), as from the inspirational and operational point of view. It focused on the priorities of Caritas Asia for next years and how these priorities should be the point of reference for every national Caritas organization of the Asian region. We’d also like to note that Benedict Alo D’Rozario is the first laic president of Caritas Asia. He worked in Caritas Bangladesh for 29 years, being the director of this organization for 11 years.

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