Caritas is just delivering the help it receives from benefactors. We try to provide people with food, clothes, money to buy medicines, materials, and heating for the winter.

So if you’d like to support our projects, please consider our bank account information:

BIN 020340006439
Charity Foundation “Caritas-Almaty”
Address: Almaty, st. Tlendieva 9

Name of the bank: Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC

Bank account details:
KZ276017131000052072 (tenge)

KZ856017131000058400 (USD)

KZ976017131000058184 (EURO)



We also have a KIWI wallet, which is an easy way to transfer your money. The number is

8-708-238-84-55 (only for residents in Kazakhstan).

If you have any questions please contact us by phone or by mail.

We hope to be able as soon as is possible to receive donations by Credit Card or PayPal.


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